6 Methods To Have Your Mobile Home Stand Out In Wilmington NC

Image of trailer park with mobile homes that all look similar and do not stand out from each other in Wilmington, NC. Most are white with a black roof

In our latest article, we are going to teach you ways to make your house trailer stand out when it’s time to sell or find renters for your Wilmington mobile home! Call Cash House Buyers of Wilmington if you’re selling in New Hanover County!

One of the various draws people should mobile homes is that easy maintenance. The prices are typically below that of a single-family house. If you’re hoping to rent the housing, there is a variety of stuff you can do to draw in the right tenants. you’ll be able to do these same things when selling; otherwise, you could avoid the prices and hassles of a list, and sell your mobile-home to Cash Home Buyers of Wilmington!


Adding fresh landscaping with new plants will boost curb appeal and may change the whole look and feel of a property. People decide to buy a property or pass within minutes of arrival, at least subconsciously. Taking the time to brighten up the exterior will add value and attract more buyers to the property. Potential renters and buyers will love the look and feel beautiful landscaping can give. It is often a comparatively easy and cheap method of adding privacy, shade, and pleasant aesthetics to the property.

New Paint or Siding

You can completely revive and restore housing with just a fast coat of paint. While the walls could also be a touch different than that of a conventional home, it doesn’t mean that you cannot paint them! There are many various forms of paint you’ll use betting on the fabric used on the surface of your home. Another choice would be to switch the siding entirely. This makes it easy to feature insulation or be sure of other needed repairs you’ll make while the walls are down.

New Skirting

Skirting is the material that circles the underside of the trailer or mobile home. It keeps pests out from underneath the property and provides a layer of insulation to your home. Repairing damaged areas and repairing as required can make the property look entirely different. It also can improve energy efficiency, which any future tenant or owner will appreciate.

New Outdoor Fixtures

Curb appeal isn’t just crucial for single-family homes. Once you decide want to rent or sell a lodging in Wilmington, ensuring the exterior looks excellent is vital to achieving the desiered outcome. Adding new fixtures could be a unique way to update the curb appeal without breaking the bank. Some things to update include railings, the mailbox, address numbers, and door hardware. Using this stuff to update the look of your property provides more perceived value and does not break the bank.

A Deck

Adding patio space or deck to your lodging can turn it into a wholly new place. The additional space allows for more seating and an area to entertain guests. Renters and buyers will love the thought of having the ability to eat outside, sunbathe, or relax in a lovely space. This stuff isn’t always available with a regular house trailer.

Crown Molding

The crown molding looks excellent in any home, but it can add particular elegance and refinement when added to a manufactured home. In areas that are typically plain and begin, adding crown molding will add style and minor architectural elements with a significant impact. Adding crown molding may be an excellent way to form your Wilmington housing stand resolute potential buyers or renters.

Regardless of your decision on what features to create, that will make your mobile home stand out, call Cash House Buyers of Wilmington to ensure you aren’t spending an excessive amount of money with no chance of return. In some cases, selling your house trailer directly in Wilmington will be the most effective option. See if it’s right for you!

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