Selling a Home During Divorce in Wilmington, NC

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The process of selling a home during a divorce in Wilmington North Carolina adds to the usually stressful, frustrating experience of even the simplest divorces.

When the two parties own property in North Carolina and are selling a house due to divorce, it is stressful and lengthy process. Whether it’s a marital home, a billboard business, or another variety of mutually-owned property, selling property as a part of a divorce is one among the largest concerns most couples face – after the impact of the split on kids and finances.

If you’re researching a split, the subsequent tips can facilitate your understanding of what to expect with the selling of a home during the divorce process in Wilmington, North Carolina.

When Both Parties Want To Sell The House

Under the most effective scenario, the couple has built up equity within the property, and both want or must sell easily and quickly.

In this case, the method of selling a house in a divorce is comparatively straightforward.

If neither spouse wants to remain in home, or if neither can afford to purchase the others equity in the property, you’ll be able to put the property on the market and list it at the most effective price, accounting on the local market and current condition of the property. Just remember that before the sales proceeds are divided, you must pay off the lender (mortgage), any equity line or 2nd mortgage, and the realtor commission fees. You’ll even have to pay any capital gains tax that may apply if you been within the property during a short period of your time. These expenses are one disadvantage of selling, especially if market conditions aren’t good for sellers.

But there are advantages, too. Both spouses get money, and it should facilitate your need to make a clean break.

The selling process:

Once you’ve decided to sell, you’ll be faced with a lengthy and detailed process that involves a variety of house projects. Each of those projects takes exertions within the better of times, and therefore the emotional upheaval that comes with divorce doesn’t make them any easier.

Divorcing couples that are selling a house in divorce in Wilmington must agree on an inventory price. They also must agree upon a schedule for showing the house and determine who will pay the costs that come along with the sale. An area realtor can offer you some good insight on the current listing price, again depending on this state of the market.

Then, couples selling a house during a divorce have to decide whether the proceeds will be placed in an escrow account or distributed.

Placing the proceeds in an escrow account can help avoid problems later, like paying capital gains taxes on the sale after the divorce.

NOTE: Because North Carolina will need legal documents of the sale, attorneys or lenders may handle closings, and company agents issue title insurance. Conveyance is by warranty deed. Deeds of trust with the private power of sale are the standard security instruments. Foreclosures are non-judicial, with a ten-day redemption period following the sale. The whole process takes between 1.5 – 2 months. North Carolinians use ALTA policies that require an attorney’s opinion before they are issued. Sellers and Buyers negotiate the closing costs, except that buyers pay the recording costs, and sellers pay the document preparation and revenue enhancement costs. Property taxes fall due annually on the Judgment Day of the year.

Selling Your Wilmington House in Divorce At A Loss
In some instances, selling a North Carolina house during a divorce at a loss, for less that what is owed, is the only option if the divorce is disputed or if one among the parties wants to remain within the home temporarily after the opposite party moves out.

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Both sides have to agree to split the value of any future sale and subsequent profits or losses that are a result of that sale.

If selling the house isn’t an option;
One possibility is for the couple to stay in the house and treat it like a rental property and with each being co-landlords.

In this situation, both parties will still interact with one another to manage the property – something many divorcing couples are reluctant to try and do.

In this instance, one person may handle the majority of the landlord responsibilities, handling all the management responsibilities in exchange for a bigger share of the profits to atone for their time and energy.

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When One Party Wants to remain within the house
If the divorcing couple has equity built within the North Carolina home and one party wants to stay within the home after the divorce, one option is to refinance the house within the name of the one that is going to be living there, instead of selling the house as part of the divorce process.

The home will be appraised, and the party who intends to stay pays an “equalization payment” to the opposite party that’s can be to half the equity remaining in the home.

An example would be, if a divorcing couple owns a property, they bought for $100,000, and there is still $20,000 left on the mortgage, both parties would be entitled to $40,000 in equity when selling the house during the divorce in Wilmington North Carolina. The couple could then secure a $70,000 cash-out refinancing within the inhabiting spouse’s name.

If the party staying within the house can’t qualify for a loan on their own, the refinancing may well be obtained in both parties’ names. After the divorce, the loan may be restructured – as long as the party remaining in the home can provide a year of canceled mortgage checks from the inhabiting spouse’s account. Then the party who has alienated the house can then fall off both the loan and, therefore, the title after selling a house in a divorce. Contact us to learn more about how this process works.

If Divorcing Parties Can’t Agree to Selling The Property:
The worst scenario when selling the house while in a divorce in Wilmington is when one party wants to stay the house, and the other wants to sell, or if both want to remain. At that time, the court may intervene.

This likely results in both parties unhappy, and also the legal fees will consume any profits from selling the house.

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