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When you’re looking for someone to buy your house, Cash Home Buyers of Wilmington is here for you.  We specialize in accelerating the closing process, offering fast and reliable services and sales that our clients can count on to get their house off the market.  Whether you’re experiencing problems with foreclosure, or you’re getting divorced and want to have the home sold as soon as possible, we have the solutions that you need.  With us not only will you sell your house faster than with traditional real estate agents, but you’ll have the cash readily available for your future plans. 

Buy Houses With Cash

Selling your home can be a long and complicated process, but we’re here to make it a faster and simpler process for our clients.  We buy houses in NC, offering our clients an expedited sales process that provides them with the cash that they need. By working with our professionals your home sale will be treated to the attentive care that your individual situation requires, with our experts providing you with solutions to your home selling problems.  Not only will we give you assistance every step of the way, but our expedited services can be completed in as soon as few days when you’re ready to sell your home.

Fast Property Buyers

At Cash Home Buyers of Wilmington, we buy houses for cash, using our years of expertise to help our clients throughout the process.  Our fast property buyers speed up the sales time, assisting those who don’t want to wait for their house to spend months on the market before finding a buyer.  Providing a professional assessment and appraisal of the property, the offers we make are based on fair market value and the current condition of the home.  This also means that our clients don’t have the spend the time and money investing in repairs and other upgrades for the property prior to selling to us. 

Foreclosure Solutions

There are a number of reasons why one might want to sell their house, including finding a way to avoid foreclosure in Wilmington, NC.  Our experts have years of experience assisting clients with this type of sale, presenting them with several sales options while getting them cash for their homes.  From short selling the house, and avoiding credit damaging procedures, our experts will provide you with the assistance that you need throughout the process.  After working with us, you’ll have the fast money that you need, with a quick sales process that avoids a long period of time on the market. 

Divorce Assistance

Another common reason that clients seek our assistance is because of a divorce that can affect their financial status.  Our professionals are able to quickly buyout the home, converting the property into liquid assets that can more easily be divided between the parties.  By selling quick with us, there’s no waiting between putting your house up for sale and when you receive your payout, with our experts providing fair and fast pricing for our clients.  Our fast sales even mean that you can defer timely processes like maintenance and upgrades, as well as avoid the need to refinance complicated loans.

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